Ausstellungsgestaltung, Buchgestaltung: Ulmer FrauenWege im 20. Jahrhundert, Tatkraft aus Nächstenliebe, Buchgestaltung ©2004 Gabriele Stautner, ARTIFOX
Ulmer Frauenwege im 20. Jahrhundert
Women’s Ways in the 20th Century
„Life in Ulm would have been different without these women“ says the ecumenical working team consisting of 12 women, who carefully researched the lives of these outstanding female citizens of Ulm in the 20th century.
The 70th anniversary of the Volkshochschule Ulm in 2016 was a perfect opportunity to display five of the 12 portraits. They could be seen at the Club Orange, Volkshochschule Ulm, Kornhausplatz 1, 89073 Ulm, Germany. The book (German only), hardcover, 108 pages, can be purchased there as well.

Design of the book and the exposition: ©2004 Gabriele Stautner, ARTIFOX